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Paulaner restaurants are the internationally renowned hospitality brand of Paulaner which stands for “Beer, Food and Gemütlichkeit from Munich to the world”. The perfect place for a short trip to Munich. Paulaner represents a contemporary Munich “Wirtshaus”. It is a place where you can make friends and enjoy excellent Bavarian food and beer - with all your senses. Our concepts represent a love affair of modern life and Bavarian identity. Become a partner and join the worldwide success story!

Our System

We offer a short trip to Munich. This means our Paulaner outlets are the go to place for authetic german food such as Pork Knuckle, Schnitzel or Brotzeit but also home to the best Bavarian beer experience in town. What kind of support do you get as an franchisee?

  1. Project Development

    Ultimately only two things are important: your guests’ satisfaction and your success! Everything we do is oriented towards these objectives. For this reason, we always ensure top quality and we pay attention to every small detail – and in particular we make sure that everything fits together perfectly. This applies to our tried-and-tested concept just as it does to our project work.

    Anyone opting for a Paulaner franchise restaurant receives a complete package comprising of consultation and service, as well as tools and practical support materials. We have thought of everything so that you can open your Paulaner quickly, smoothly and without hassle – and run it successfully.

  2. Beer & Food

    The heart of our restaurant concept is the range of food and drinks. But for Paulaner the heart is our beer. In a Bräuhaus a german trained brewmaster ensures the best quality and in our other concepts you will get the original Paulaner beers directly imported from Germany!

    Our menu design is up-to-date but not too trendy. Authentic German food. Original social food for the whole family. Proven menu design based on 25 years of experience in various international and national Paulaner locations.

    Only available in Paulaner licensed locations – a true USP.

  3. Award-winning branding

    Our concept’s key success factor is Paulaner’s worldwide brand awareness - it is very well-known. So every Paulaner commercial, poster and advertisement worldwide is marketing your Paulaner restaurant as well.

    The Paulaner is a brand concept. It thrives on the fact that it is unmistakable, unique and completely authentic. This is why we place such great importance on consistent implementation. In our handbook “Corporate Design” we have compiled everything required in order to reflect these inner values on the outside. This includes samples for letterheads, business cards, menus and posters as well as supply sources for a wide range of advertising materials.

    Furthermore we offer an entire range of tips and tricks as to how you can increase your staff’s individual sales performance and increase your total trade by means of smart campaigns – especially for beer. Easy-to-implement sales promotion programs support you from the outset in marketing your business professionally and creating a successful positioning.

    Award-winning brand communication at its finest! Red Dot Award 2017, German Design Award 2018, Deutsche Designer Club Bronze

  4. Operations

    Service-oriented, motivated and well-trained staff is the most important factor when it comes to serving your guests. Whether or not your guests are satisfied and whether or not your Paulaner captures the authentic style – this all depends on the quality of your staff, so this is crucial when it comes to capitalising on your competitive advantages.

    Our service in this area is to provide support in the planning, organisation and in particular, the training of your personnel. For service and training we give you extensive information and practical guidance for fast and effective implementation. Whatever your question is we will support you.

  5. Quality assurance

    Our main goal is to ensure your long-term success. This is why we are constantly working on developing and optimizing our concept – based not only on our own experience but also on that of our franchisees and even more important our guests.

    All Paulaner outlets are also integrated into our mystery guesting program which focuses on operational issues and gives each franchisee the support to get even better.

Our Products

Paulaner gastronomy concepts are at home anywhere in the world. Whether in Munich, New York, or Singapore, they have developed into solid institutions worldwide. They offer a unique mixture of bar, pub, restaurant, event location and beer garden beneath one roof. The ambiance and atmosphere is casual, yet stylish. Locals as well as visitors sit together at long tables, say cheers to each other and enjoy their “outing to Bavaria”. The food selection consists of three pillars: authentic and contemporary Bavarian cuisine, as well as internationally popular dishes and current food trends. Of course all dishes correspond magnificently with the Paulaner beer specialties.

Bräuhäuser Wirtshäuser Bierhäuser
Location PRIME-location
1x per city (metropolitan areas >1)
1x per city
high frequency and travel plaza, inner city, mall, airport, etc.
Microbrewery Yes No No
Size ca. 1.200 m² inside
ca. 200 m² outside
ca. 700 m² inside
ca. 200 m² outside
ca. 300 m² inside
ca. 40 m² outside
Capacity >350 seats >150 seats <150 seats
Sales-Mix 55% Food
45% Beverages
60% Food
40% Beverages
40% Food
60% Beverages
Capital requirement ca. 3.000€/m² ca. 2.800€/m² ca. 2.500€/m²

Franchise Fee: Up to 7,5% of total revenue

Our Requirements

In order to join the family we also have some requirements that an ideal franchisee should fulfill:

  • Experience in the food service industry as owner and or operator
  • Proven success story of operating a restaurant business
  • Financial capability to open up to 2-5 restaurants
  • Local market knowledge (restaurant & real estate)
  • Infrastructure to develop our restaurant brand within your market
  • Provide:
    • Detailed marketing plan for first 3 years
    • Sample P&L for the Paulaner restaurant
  • Fill out & submit the franchise application form

Our Team

Behind a strong concept there is always a strong team. Here you can find our employees who love to help you in all stages of your project.

Managing Directors

Lars Eckart

Managing Directors

Jürgen Schenk

Managing Directors

Business Administration

Christine Wolf

Director Business Administration

Nadine Morper

Manager Business Administration

Duyen Tong

Manager Business Administration

Business Development

Fabian Rieden

Director Business Development


Julia Seiss

Director Operations

Daniel Lloyd

Area Manager China

Product- & Project Development

Marco Steinhart

Director Product & Project Development

Michael Baumann

Senior Manager Marketing (Beer & Digital)

Corinna Roiger

Senior Manager Marketing (Brand & Communication

Gerrit Ringelstein

Senior Manager Construction

Dominik Österreicher

Senior Manager Food & Beverage

Anja Herdam

Senior Hospitality Consultant

Sybille Holzapfel

Senior Hospitality Consultant

Dagmar Sink

Senior Hospitality Consultant


Marc Bönhold

Alex Buchner

Axel Holzheu

Tanja Leidgschwendner

Li Lu

Xudong Mao

Michael Müller

Tarek Said

Otto Schneider

Bernhard Sihorsch

Arie Susanto

Han Xiong

Lei Zhang

Yiling Zhang

You want to become a part of our success story? Then apply on our jobs site or send your relevant CV to franchise@paulaner.de.


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